The State of Missouri has designated twelve weed species noxious. The term noxious refers to the weeds ability to cause economic harm to the state's agriculture industry and to the high level of difficulty associated with controlling or eradicating the species.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture provides assistance to landowners regarding chemical, mechanical and biological control of noxious weed species. The department also is responsible for appointing members to the states various Johnson Grass Control Boards.

Enforcement of Missouri's noxious weed statutes is handled by the county prosecutor. The Missouri Department of Agriculture has no authority to deal with noxious weed violations but is happy to provide technical assistance to any landowner dealing with a noxious weed problem.

To view the complete list of Missouri's noxious weeds, learn about weed control or to view the Noxious Weed Statutes, please refer to the following links:

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