The Weights, Measures and Consumer Protection Division's mission is to create an equitable marketplace for both consumers and private businesses throughout the state. We carry out this mission through the following means:

  • Rigorous inspection of commercial weighing and measuring devices
  • Verification of price accuracy and contents of packaged goods
  • Testing of fuels and lubricants in accordance to state and national standards
  • Testing, calibrating and certifying standards in accordance to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards
  • Registering service agencies and technicians who install and certify the accuracy of commercial weighing devices
  • Providing the accurate and economical location of property boundaries throughout the state of Missouri.

Who We Are and What We Do

Fuel Device Safety and Accuracy Program

  • Fuel Dispenser Accuracy Inspection
  • Fuel Infrastructure/Above Ground Tank Safety Inspection
  • Propane Dispenser and Truck Meter Accuracy Inspection
  • Forms and Additional Resources

Device and Commodity Inspection Program

  • Scale Inspection (Large and Small)
  • Package Inspection (Various Commodities)
  • Price Verification (Various Commodities)
  • Moisture Meter Inspection
  • Egg Quality Inspection
  • Egg and Milk Licensing
  • Forms and Additional Resources

Land Survey Program

  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Geodetic Surveys
  • Records Repository
  • Forms and Additional Resources

Metrology/Grain Moisture Meter Program

  • Calibration Services - Mass and Volume
  • Moisture Meter Registration
  • Serviceperson Registration
  • Forms and Additional Resources

Fuel Quality

  • Sampling of Liquid Petroleum Products
  • Laboratory Testing of Liquid Petroleum Products
  • Fuel Dispenser Labeling Enforcement
  • Renewable Fuel Standard Enforcement
  • Forms and Additional Resources