The Missouri Department of Agriculture is issuing a consumer alert to advise Missourians that the Corn Xpress Bulk Corn Vending Machine is not-legal-for-trade in the state of Missouri. The machine is advertised as an agricultural vending machine that can dispense products such as corn, wheat, protein pellets and rock salt.

To learn more, visit Agriculture.Mo.Gov/news.

GovDelivery logoAs required by Missouri statutes, device and commodity inspection personnel inspect large and small scales, grain hopper scales, taxicab meters, milk for quantity determination, prepackaged merchandise and method of sale of commodities. The program enforces the Missouri Egg Law and the Missouri Unfair Milk Sales Practices Act.

Device & Commodity Rules and Regulations

Weights and Measures Law

Egg Licensing: Chapter 196 RSMo
Code of State Regulations: 2 CSR 90-030.010 and 2 CSR 90-36.020
Highlights from the “Missouri Egg Laws & Regulations Publication”

Milk Licensing: Chapter 416 RSMo
Code of State Regulations: 2 CSR 90-038.010 through 2 CSR 90-38.050

Scales: Chapter 413 RSMo
Code of State Regulations: 2 CSR 90-21.010

Regulation and Marketing of Agricultural Products: Chapter 265 RSMo

National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)