The Missouri Pesticide Registration Act (281.210-281.310 RSMo) requires the registration of pesticide products in Missouri.

Fertilizers are registered through the Fertilizer Control Board. Please contact the board at (573) 636-6131.

MDA does not register soil amendments or soil conditioners. For more information regarding these products, please see the Missouri Soil Conditioners Law (266.361-266.400 RSMo).

Products that are exempt from registration through FIFRA 25(b) do not require registration in Missouri.

Devices are not required to be registered in Missouri. Any pesticide used in conjunction is required to be registered – as it would be if it were a standalone product.

Tech materials must be registered if they are being sold or held for sale in Missouri. If a company is using tech materials only to produce, formulate, or repackage themselves, they do not require registration. Registration is also not required for tech materials only being transported through the state.

Missouri does not require MSDS sheets, only the pesticide container label.

Any label or labeling submitted to MDA may be forwarded to EPA for review.

Missouri does not have a discontinued registration policy. Registration must be maintained if the product is in the channels of trade.

Missouri does not cancel products. Registrants should not renew any product that is no longer in the channels of trade in Missouri.

New Product Registration

Missouri’s online registration and payment portal, MOPlants, allows pesticide registrants to submit new products and renew existing products.

For new Missouri pesticide registrants:

Go to, click the New License or Registration button, and select Pesticide Registrant. Fill in the required information. You will be asked to enter a User Name and Password. Please keep a record of the User Name and Password entered, they will be needed for future logins to MOPlants.

For current Missouri pesticide registrants:

Go to and enter your User Name and Password. If you have not previously set up your MOPlants account, click the Register button and use your USA Plants ID# and your PIN ID# to create an account. (USA Plants ID# and PIN ID# are listed on pesticide renewal applications and confirmation of registration sheets.)

Online new product registration process:

  1. Log in to MOPlants. From the Pesticide Registrant Program page click the Products button, click the Add New button, enter the required information, upload the label, and click Submit. If needed, click the Add Another Product button.
  2. Once reviewed and approved by the department, notification of approval for payment will be sent via email to the registrant.
  3. Upon notification, the registrant can log in and submit the online $200 per product registration fee.
  4. Once the transaction is complete, MOPlants will display the Transaction Confirmation page and you will receive an email with the subject line “USAPlants Online Activity Confirmation”. Print this email as confirmation of your registration of pesticides. No written confirmation will be mailed from our office.

To submit new product applications via mail, the following information is required: a completed Application for Registration of Pesticides, a copy of the pesticide label emailed in PDF format to, and the $200 per product registration fee made payable to the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Label Revisions

Any significant change to a pesticide product label requires new registration. The new label and previously registered label will need to be registered if both labels are in the channels of trade in Missouri.

Please continue to email all label revisions to Email a clean label and a version with highlighted changes. Staff will confirm receipt of the email and once the revised label has been reviewed, you will receive an email informing you if a new registration is needed or not.

For further information concerning Product Registration and Label Revision requirements please contact (573) 751-5791.

Special Pesticide Registrations

  • Experimental Use Permits (EUP)
  • Special Local Needs Registration (Section 24C)
  • Specific Exemption Registration (Section 18)

For further information concerning Special Pesticide Registration requirements or any pesticide registration issue, please contact the Pesticide Program at (573) 751-5791 or (573) 751-2560.