The Missouri Pesticide Use Act defines Pesticide Dealer as any individual who is engaged in the business of distributing, selling, offering for sale, or holding for sale at retail, or direct wholesale to the end user, any pesticide classified for restricted use.

To apply for a Pesticide Dealer license, the applicant must:

  1. Pass the Pesticide Dealer examination only. To learn more about the exam process or to register for an exam, click here.

After passing the Pesticide Dealer exam, submit the required documents to the Missouri Department of Agriculture or upload the required documents through the MOPlants online submission process:

  1. A $35.00 license fee; and
  2. A completed Certified Applicator and Pesticide Dealer Application
  3. If the applicant is an out-of-state resident, the applicant must submit: "Non Resident Agent Form.

Pesticide Dealers are not certified as applicators.

Pesticide Dealers are required by state law to keep and maintain records of sales of restricted use pesticides. Information that must be recorded can be found in Section 2 CSR 70-25.180 of the regulations for the Missouri Pesticide Use Act and Administrative Rules.

For further information contact the Pesticide Program.