About the Missouri Agribusiness Academy

Agriculture has a tremendous impact on our nation’s economy, and Missouri is at the heart of this industry. It is important that young people carry on the tradition and heritage of those who have made this state the agricultural leader it is today and develop the skills necessary to continue that legacy in the future.

Since 1988, the Missouri Agribusiness Academy (MAbA) has awarded 1,060 academy memberships through a competitive application and interview process. To be eligible for the Missouri Agribusiness Academy, students must come from a farming family or be an active member of the National FFA Organization or 4-H. The 2024 MAbA class will tour agribusinesses, explore educational opportunities and meet with agricultural leaders in the Springfield area from June 3-7, 2024. The students will end their week in Jefferson City.

Congratulations to the Missouri Agribusiness Academy Class of 2024!

Additional photos of previous Missouri Agribusiness Academy tours are available on the Department’s Flickr stream, online at flickr.com/moagriculture.

Northeast Distict

  • Image of Marah Greiman

    Marah Greiman
    Monroe City, MO

  • Image of Selby Huse

    Selby Huse
    Hannibal, MO

  • Image of Madeline OBrien

    Madeline OBrien
    Troy, MO

  • Image of Isabela Rojas

    Isabela Rojas
    New Boston, MO

  • Image of Gracie Simpson

    Gracie Simpson
    Milan, MO

Central Distict

  • Image of Kelsey Carter

    Kelsey Carter
    Montrose, MO

  • Image of Elliott	Cooley

    Elliott Cooley
    Windsor, MO

  • Image of Isaiah	Cutler

    Isaiah Cutler
    Collins, MO

  • Image of Preston McMillian

    Preston McMillian
    California, MO

  • Image of Brock	Pitt

    Brock Pitt
    Carrollton, MO

Southeast Distict

  • Image of Allyson Burns

    Allyson Burns
    Perryville, MO

  • Image of Clara Gibbs

    Clara Gibbs
    Davisville, MO

  • Image of Lyndee	Hinkle

    Lyndee Hinkle
    Fredericktown, MO

  • Image of Will	Thomas

    Will Thomas
    Jackson, MO

  • Image of Grant Thompson

    Grant Thompson
    Fredericktown, MO

Southwest Distict

  • Image of Rhett Forkner

    Rhett Forkner
    Richards, MO

  • Image of Makayla	Methvin

    Makayla Methvin
    Bolivar, MO

  • Image of Annie Neely

    Annie Neely
    South Greenfield, MO

  • Image of Miles Neely

    Miles Neely
    South Greenfield, MO

  • Image of Jordan Tucker

    Jordan Tucker
    Buffalo, MO

South Central Distict

  • Image of Reid Baker

    Reid Baker
    Linn, MO

  • Image of Grant Cottrell

    Grant Cottrell
    Washington, MO

  • Image of Karley Frank

    Karley Frank
    Linn, MO

  • Image of Hallie Rider

    Hallie Rider
    Belle, MO

  • Image of Faith Williams

    Faith Williams
    Rhineland, MO

Northwest Distict

  • Image of Gracelynn Barnett

    Gracelynn Barnett
    Chillicothe, MO

  • Image of Kale Batson

    Kale Batson
    Trenton, MO

  • Image of Brynn Bird

    Brynn Bird
    Gallatin, MO

  • Image of Sullivan Bird

    Sullivan Bird
    Gallatin, MO

  • Image of Kristin Waters

    Kristin Waters
    Norborne, MO

About the Application Process

Applicants will be sorted into six geographical regions and five students from each region will attend the Missouri Agribusiness Academy. The applicant’s region is determined by the county of their high school’s physical location. Student’s will be evaluated and compared only to the other applicants in their region. A link to the MAbA district map is below.

Missouri Agribusiness Academy District Map

Written applications are scored by a panel of independent judges. The top ten applicants per region will move into the semi-finals and will be invited to an interview. Semi-finalists must attend an in-person interview. The five applicants with the highest combined written and interview scores from each region will be selected to participate in the Missouri Agribusiness Academy.

2024 MAbA Class - Calendar of Events

MAbA Tour Missouri State Fair Session Winter Session Graduation
June 3-7, 2024 August 15, 2024 FFA Week
February 2025*
State FFA Convention
April 2025*
Springfield, MO Sedalia, MO Jefferson City, MO Columbia, MO

*Date and time to be determined closer to date