November 06, 2009

Planning & Response Sessions Prepare Missouri Producers for Ag Emergency

Buchanan County Meeting - Nov. 18

Through a series of sessions across the state, the Missouri Department of Agriculture is helping farmers prepare for potential agricultural emergencies.  The Animal Agriculture Emergency Planning & Response Sessions educate producers about local and state efforts as they relate to livestock disease outbreaks and other potential emergencies that could occur.  Buchanan County will be hosting the next event on Wed., Nov. 18 from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Missouri Western State University's Leah Sprall Hall Room 109 in St. Joseph.

"Training opportunities such as these planning and response sessions are but one way that Missouri producers can get involved in preparing for an ag emergency," said Director of Agriculture Dr. Jon Hagler.  "We want Missouri farmers and others to have every tool and resource they might need if an actual emergency occurs in our state."   

All livestock producers and others involved with Missouri agriculture are encouraged to attend.  The presentation will include roles and responsibilities of state officials during an emergency and the role that each producer plays, education on reportable disease symptoms, biosecurity and the possible impacts and recovery-related scenarios in response to agricultural emergencies. 

The educational sessions are free and open to the public and meals are served at each meeting.  To RSVP for the Buchanan County event, contact (800) 897-1163, ext. 35 or  For more information about the program and upcoming meetings, contact Amy Luecke, Department of Agriculture's Animal Health Division, at (573) 526-2090.