August 03, 2011

Tribute to Honor State Veterinarian Dr. Taylor Woods

Luncheon to be held Aug. 11 at the Missouri State Fair

On Aug. 11, Director of Agriculture Dr. Jon Hagler and Missouri's agriculture industry will honor the long standing career and accomplishments of Dr. Taylor Woods, Missouri's State Veterinarian. Dr. Woods' dedication, professionalism and integrity has earned him national and state recognition, including two national awards in the past year. The luncheon event will be held at noon on Opening Day near the Director's Tent on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

"Taylor has exemplified the best the animal health industry and Missouri agriculture has to offer. It is rare that you can point to a single person and say that man is responsible for $4 billion worth of business in the state of Missouri, but with ‘Doc' it's certainly true," said Dr. Hagler. "His many successes have forever strengthened Missouri agriculture. Dr. Woods will continue to inspire youth for years to come. His outstanding contributions to Missouri's livestock industry and his work with youth have earned him utmost respect and recognition far beyond the borders of Missouri."

The appreciation ceremony will include a tribute from Dr. Hagler and other familiar to Dr. Woods sharing stories and memories. Donations will be accepted at this event that will go directly toward supporting FFA and 4-H youth participation in the Missouri State Fair.

A native of Ava, Mo., Taylor Woods has been the state's top veterinarian twice, with a total tenure of nearly 20 years leading the Animal Health Division. During his time as State Veterinarian, Dr. Woods has led Missouri to the forefront of the U.S. livestock industry. In his accomplished career, he has developed procedures and policies to indentify and combat tuberculosis, pseudorabies, avian influenza, CWD and dozens of other diseases that have threatened the viability of Missouri's livestock industry. Dr. Woods led the charge in eliminating the last positive Brucellosis herds in the state and Missouri was granted a bovine brucellosis free status in May 2004. He has been instrumental in obtaining a pseudorabies-free status in both Missouri and Arkansas. Dr. Woods also developed the Equine Infectious Anemia programs in Missouri and Arkansas, which has been instrumental in the reduction of positive equines and still a valuable asset to the eradication of the disease.

Dr. Woods received national recognition in 2010 when he was awarded James A. Graham Award for Outstanding Service to Agriculture by the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture - a prestigious award for commitment and dedication to the agriculture industry.

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