July 07, 2022

Service Announcement Regarding Installation of Hunter Pump Islands in Missouri

There are concerns surrounding installation of "Pump Island Protector Systems."


The Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) has expressed concerns regarding the installation of the “Pump Island Protector Systems.” These concerns revolve around concrete being poured over the top of the existing island, resulting in recessed fuel dispensers and fire/impact valves which no longer meet manufacturer’s specifications for height. 

Section 414.052 RSMo grants MDA the authority to ensure fuel dispensing systems are free from fire or other potential safety hazards.  Based on multiple inspections of the Pump Island Protector Systems, we believe the current installation practices are creating a potential safety hazard.  For that reason, we are requesting the following changes be implemented regarding the installation of these systems, effective immediately:

Dispensers must be removed from the existing island prior to pouring additional concrete over the existing structure.
Fire/impact valves must be raised or lowered to insure the correct height required in the manufacture installation instructions.
All electrical wiring and piping must be brought up to code anytime dispensers are removed from the island.
Dispensers must be reinstalled on top of the new concrete pour according to manufacture installation instruction.

We appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter and if you have any questions, please to contact MDA at 573-751-5636.