March 30, 2017

What You Need to Know: Oversize Permits for Transport of Items in Wildfire Relief

If you're delivering supplies to neighboring states in response to the wildfires, this what MoDOT needs you to know.


The following information has been provided by the Missouri Department of Transportation:

In Missouri, oversize permits are required of loads exceeding 8’6” in width. The Missouri Department of Transportation offers a special wildfire relief oversize permit, available now through May 8, 2017, for overwide loads of hay. This permit will:

-- Be issued free of charge
-- Be issued up to 12’ wide (load length, height and weight must remain within legal limits)
-- Allow travel during curfew hours and at night

Drivers must abide by all other permit regulations including the use of reflective oversize load signs and clearance lights instead of flags at the edges of loads when hauling at night or when visibility is less than 500 feet.

Those who need an oversize permit for their move should call MoDOT Motor Carrier Services at 1-800-877-8499. The agent who answers will request completion of a new customer form. This begins the permitting process. Next, the caller will be asked for specific information. This includes:

For both the truck and trailer:

  • License plate number and state of issuance
  • The year and make
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN)

Load width:

The permit will be issued at a 12-foot wide maximum. No width information is needed. If your load is wider than 12’, this special oversize permit cannot be offered.

Length information:

  • Trailer length
  • Overall length (truck/tractor and trailer combined)

Insurance information:

  • The name of the company that holds the policy
  • Policy number
  • Expiration date

Route information:

  • What is the first state highway you plan to travel ?
  • What is the last state highway you plan to travel on your way out of Missouri?

State highways include:

  • Lettered routes – such as Highway D
  • Numbered routes – such as Mo. Route 19
  • US Routes – such as US 24
  • Interstates –such as I-70

Your oversize permit will indicate the route you are authorized to take. We are very careful when assigning routes to include only those that can safely handle your load.

Date of the Movement:
MoDOT will request the date of the anticipated move. These special permits will be issued with an expiration date of May 8, meaning they can be used more than one time with the same combination of truck/tractor and trailer, using the same Missouri routes. If any information is different for a subsequent move, simply ask MoDOT to issue a new permit.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY INCLUDES checking the route a final time before you head out for any width restrictions that might emerge between the time your permit was issued and the time that you move. Visit or call MoDOT Motor Carrier Services at 1-800-877-8499, Monday through Friday, and we will check the routes.

Please call MoDOT (1-800-877-8499) if you have any questions. We’re happy to help you get help to our neighbors as quickly – and safely – as possible.