The Fuel Quality Program routinely tests motor oils and other lubricants to protect Missouri’s consumers and ensure equity in the marketplace. These products are tested to ensure conformance with SAE J300 and SAE J183. Under these protocols, tests such as low-temperature cranking viscosity, low-shear-rate kinematic viscosity, and other tests are performed to ensure compliance with these important parameters. Additional information gathered during the inspection process includes verification of the brand name, product type, API service category, and viscosity grade of each product. This information allows us to ensure compliance with SAE and API specifications and designations.

The Department works in cooperation with Missouri lubricant manufacturers, the Independent Lubricant Manufactures Association (ILMA), the American Petroleum Institute (API), and the Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) to ensure motor oils sold in Missouri meet SAE and API specifications and designations.

The American Petroleum Institute’s motor oil guide is a helpful guide when making decisions on which motor oil is right for your vehicle.

Consumer Alert

The Missouri Department of Agriculture is continuing its effort to eliminate harmful motor oil, automatic transmission fluid and automotive antifreeze in the marketplace. The consumer alert bulletins identify those specific oil and antifreeze brands determined potentially harmful to engines and automotive cooling systems. Consumers can assist the Department in this effort by notifying the Department if these branded products are found for sale.