Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

A certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), also known as a health certificate, is an official document issued by an accredited veterinarian certifying that the animals identified on the document have been inspected and were found to be free of contagious or communicable disease and that they have met the requirements for movement within the same state, between states, or internationally.

Veterinarians must be accredited in the appropriate category, category I or II, for the species in which they are issuing a health certificate. Category I accredited veterinarians may issue health certificates for all animals except food and fiber species, horses, birds, farm-raised aquatic animals, all other livestock species, and zoo animals that can transmit exotic animal diseases to livestock. Category II accredited veterinarians can issue health certificates for all animals.

Health certificates must be written on an official form approved by the state of destination. The Missouri Department of Agriculture provides large and small animal health certificate paper forms free of charge which are approved by all states. To order, call our MDA Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory in Jefferson City at (573) 751-3460.

Electronic Interstate CVI

Digital technology continues to develop and improve efficiencies in our daily lives. One of those improvements is the development of electronic CVIs. There are multiple options available now that can be utilized with the equipment already on-hand such as smart phones, tablets, computers, etc. Some benefits of utilizing electronic CVIs are no postage stamps or trips to the post office and automatic submissions to MDA and the state of destination (with some electronic options).

Compare CVI Options

Features & Benefits

Consistently Readable CVI Document Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Same Program Can Be Used to Create Certificates for All Species Yes Yes Yes No
Electronic File Storage and Retrieval Yes Yes No
Quick Creation of CVIs with Pre-filled Templates for Regular Movements Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Easy Upload of Multiple, Official Animal IDs Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Use Anywhere with Mobile App Access Yes Yes No
Automated Electronic Submission to State Officials Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Ability to Upload Animal Photo and Brand Image Yes Yes Yes No
Easy Records Access with Automated Searchable Archive of CVIs Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Increased Accuracy with Automated Test Data Integration Yes Yes Yes
Ability to Scan EID into Certificate. Yes Yes No
Cost Per Certificate Free Varies Pay-per-use Free Free

Types of Certificates Available

Coggins Yes Yes
Calfhood Vaccination Yes
TB Yes
Large Animal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Small Animal Yes Yes

Missouri Approved Electronic CVI Options

  • Accepted in all states.
  • Free download from the app store to your phone or computer.
  • Immediate submission to state office.
  • Provides both large and small animal CVI.
  • Saves copies of previous CVIs for easy retrieval.
  • Create and save drafts for clients.
  • Import animal IDs via spreadsheet.
  • Email completed CVIs to all parties, including hauler, consigner, and consignee.
  • Address book capabilities to autofill consigner or consignee information directly into the CVI.
  • VET-CVI on App Store for IOS devices
  • VET-CVI on Google Play for Android devices
  • Microsoft Windows App Store
  • Questions and to gain access, contact MDA: 573-751-3377
Vet Sentry eCVI
  • A PDF form with the same look and feel as the paper CVI's you have been using for years.
  • Used in the field or at the office, a lightweight, user-friendly digital certificate of veterinary inspection form.
  • Easy to fill in with a standard laptop or desktop computer, tab from field to field for easy data entry.
  • Imports data from an external source or quickly get RFID filled spreadsheets to import hundreds of animals into your CVI form with just a few clicks.
  • Built on an Adobe PDF platform, excellent look and feel, lots of auto fill features to ease the data entry process.
  • Little to no training is needed to fill out and complete an eCVI.
  • Automated features send completed eCVIs to state officials and the veterinarian.
  • Vet Sentry eCVIs are completely searchable for animal traceability standards.
  • Access the Vet Sentry website.
  • This app is at a cost.
Global VetLINK, LLC (GVL®)
  • Fast, easy eCVI creation and submission for all species.
  • Instant eCVI delivery to and certificate retrieval for clients through MyVetLINK.com.
  • EIA (Coggins) certificates through EquusLINK.
  • Veterinary Feed Directives (eVFDs).
  • Storage and retrieval of lab results through LabLINK.
  • Easy-to-read standardized certificate layout.
  • Precise identification including digital photos and brand images.
  • USDA-approved digital signature technology.
  • Mobile capability.
  • Access the Global VetLINK website.
  • This app is at a cost.
Veterinary Services Process Streamlining (VSPS)
  • Free, web based CVI option developed and administered by USDA/APHIS.
  • Requires Level 2 eAuthentication with USDA. eAuthentication is a registration process that enables users to securely access USDA web applications and services via the internet.
  • Apply for a USDA eAuthentication account.
  • Free, online EIA (Coggins) submission form.
  • Import large volumes of animal IDs and animal info electronically via a spreadsheet file.
  • Accredited veterinarians and laboratories may add tests results.
  • Create, save, edit certificate templates for future use.
  • Add vaccination information rapidly.
  • Quick-copy auto-fill feature allows multiple animals to be added rapidly.
  • Access the VSPS website.