Missouri began enforcing Trichomoniasis regulations for bulls sold, leased, bartered or traded within the state Sept. 1, 2011. The regulations require all non-virgin bulls and all bulls over 24 months of age be tested for Trichonomiasis.

The following are exempt from testing:

  • Bulls enroute to processing/slaughter facilities
  • Bulls sold at auction and going directly to processing/slaughter facilities
  • Buffalo and Bison
  • Exotic bovids
  • Virgin bulls 24 months of age or younger.

Producers with virgin bulls 24 months of age or younger must complete the Trichonomiasis Virgin Status Certification Form (PDF) [hyperlinked] and submit it to the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Certifications are valid for thirty (30) days, or upon change of ownership of the livestock.

Detailed testing requirements for bulls not exempted in one of the above categories are available online or by contacting the Division of Animal Health at (573) 751-3377 or animalhealth@mda.mo.gov.

Bulls with a positive Trichonomiasis test, as well as their herds of origin, will be quarantined. Within the quarantined herds, the following exemptions may apply:

  • Animals enroute to processing/slaughter facilities may be released from quarantine.
  • Females 120 days or less pregnant must remain quarantined and isolated from any bulls for a period of 120 days.
  • Females confirmed more than 120 days pregnant or with a calf at their side with no known exposure to a positive bull may be released from quarantine.
  • Bulls within the positive herd may be released from quarantine following two negative tests for Trichonomiasis.
  • Virgin heifers and bulls exempt in one of the above categories may be released from quarantine.