GovDelivery logoMissouri’s Grain Inspection Services is federally designated to sample, inspect and grade grain throughout the State of Missouri and portions of Tennessee. As an “Official Service Provider,” GIS Inspectors are licensed by the Federal Grain Inspection Service branch of USDA to grade the following grains and commodities: Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Sorghum, Oats, Rough Rice, Brown Rice, Milled Rice, Edible Beans and Lentils.

Grain Inspection Working in OfficeThe primary function of official grain inspection is to facilitate the marketing and sale of grain by providing accurate and consistent inspection and weighing information that describes the quantity and quality of grain being bought and sold.

Official agencies are strictly guided by the U.S. Grain Standards Act and follow established inspection standards based on standardized procedures, techniques and equipment. U.S. and international grain buyers rely on official certificates to ensure they are getting what they pay for when purchasing grain. Official certificates are considered legal documents that are admissible in court in the event of a dispute.

While official inspection is not mandated by law, producers, merchandisers and buyers all benefit from utilizing the official grain inspection system. Official inspection agencies like GIS are required to adhere to strict quality control measures and are subjected to federal compliance audits every three years to ensure that customers of the official system receive accurate and consistent grades.

Inspection Services for Submitted Samples

Grain Inspection Working in OfficeWhile official inspection certificates are only available for samples collected by official personnel, Missouri’s Grain Inspection Services program also provides inspection services for submitted samples. Submitted sample certificates are issued for grain samples collected by individuals other than official grain inspection personnel. Every year, thousands of grain samples are submitted to Missouri’s Grain Inspection Services program by farmers, grain insurance companies and grain elevators.

Official Commercial Inspection Service

Missouri GIS also offers an alternative inspection service for grain handling facilities who find the official system too costly or time consuming. Official Commercial Inspection Service (OCIS) allows official agencies like GIS to perform a more stream-lined, cost effective inspection by modifying sampling and inspection procedures to accommodate the needs of the customer. This type of inspection is not available for export grain shipments.

Inspection Services for Grain Weights

Grain Inspection Working in OfficeMissouri’s Grain Inspection Services program also provides official weighing services to grain elevators throughout the state. There are three types of weighing services offered: Class X, Class Y and Certified weights. Class X weighing is required for all export grain shipments but can also be used for domestic shipments and requires 100 percent supervision by official agency staff. Class Y weighing is utilized for domestic shipments only and requires that weighing procedures be supervised by official staff 25 percent of the time. For grain loading facilities not in need of official weighing, GIS also offers certified weight services; as an alternative. GIS provides 25 percent supervision for certified weighing services and issues Weighmaster licenses to elevator employees; responsible for overseeing the weighing process at their respective locations.

Grain Grading Schools

Our licensed grain inspectors may also provide grain grading schools on-site or at service point locations throughout the state. During Grain Grading Schools, samples of commonly seen grain damage are provided to participants in addition to basic grain grading tips to help grain elevator personnel better evaluate grain coming into their locations. For more information or to schedule a Grain Grading School, contact Missouri’s Grain Inspection Services program at (573) 751-5515.

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