Herd Inventory Records

Herd inventory records will be maintained to provide accountability for captive cervids one year of age and older including all purchases, sales, commercial slaughter, and other mortality from the date of enrollment in the program. All animals over one year of age and older enrolled in a herd program must be identified with an official eartag or other approved identifications device. All animals less than one year of age will be identified on a change of ownership.

Acquisitions and commingling to Herds

  1. Additions may originate from herds of equal or higher status with no change in the status of the receiving herd.
  2. Additions may originate from herds of lower status with the receiving herd acquiring the lower status of the herd(s) involved.
  3. When establishing a new herd entirely from an enrolled herd, the herd of origin’s status level will transfer to the new herd if the new herd owner notified the department and submits an application for participation in the program within 90 days of the animal’s arrival on the farm and before any herd additions. Applications received more than 90 days after the arrival will be reviewed by the department. The enrollment date of the new herd will be the date of the approval by the department.
  4. Enrolled herds may not use germ plasm from any donor found to be CWD positive. Enrolled herds may use semen from lower status or non-participating herds with no effect on program status as long as the semen is not from infected herds or trace herds at the time of collection. Embryo recipient animals must meet the program requirements for animal acquisitions.


Surveillance will be maintained by collecting and submitting appropriate samples from all cases of mortality, including slaughter, in animals 12 months of age and older. Herd owners are requested to report any animals that escape or disappear immediately.

CWD Inventory Reporting Form