An infectious disease of animals and humans caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella. Missouri cervids have never been found to harbor brucellosis. This disease is limited at this time to free-ranging elk in the Yellowstone National Park area.
  1. Herd Certification for Cervidae
    1. Certified Brucellosis-Free cervid herd status must include all eligible animals in the herd. A certified herd may be purchased, or a herd may qualify for Certified Brucellosis Free cervid herd status by complete herd testing, as follows:
      1. Complete herd test - For initial certification all sexually intact cervids in the herd 12 months of age or older must have two consecutive negative tests 10 to 14 months apart.
      2. Purchasing a Certified Brucellosis-Free cervid herd - A herd test is not required if the purchase animals remain on the same premises. Upon request and with proof of purchase, a new certificate will be issued in the new owner’s name. The anniversary date and the herd number will remain the same. If part or the entire purchase herd is moved directly to premises that have no other animals, the herd may retain Certified Brucellosis-Free cervid herd status without a test. A new certification number will be issued. The anniversary date of the new herd will be the test of the most recent herd test.
      3. Brucellosis test will be done at a state approved laboratory using the tests specified by the Missouri State Veterinarian. A notation is to be made on test chart by testing veterinarian for "Cervidae Herd Certification". The blood sample shall be collected by an Accredited Veterinarian of the owner’s choice.
  2. Herd Re-Certification of Cervidae
    1. Duration of status - A herd is certified for 36 months
    2. Recertification - For continuous certification, all test eligible animals in the herd must have a negative test between 34 and 38 months after the last certification date. If suspects or reactors are found on recertification testing, certification status will be terminated and a herd investigation will be initiated.
  3. General Provisions
    Additions to Certified Herds:
    1. From a Certified Brucellosis-Free cervid herds - Animals originating from Certified Brucellosis-Free cervid herds do not need to be tested prior to movement. However, if the animals are not tested prior to movement, it is recommended that they be tested between 60 and 180 days after addition to the certified herd.
    2. From other herds - Animals purchased from cervid herds not Certified Brucellosis-Free must be isolated and can not be considered part of the herd until the following blood tests have been conducted:
      1. Within 30 days prior to movement for the herd of origin;
      2. Between 60 and 180 days after purchasing and before addition to the Certified Brucellosis-Free cervid herd; and
      3. As part of the herd blood test on the recertification test following the second test.

For further information, contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture Animal Health Division 573-751-3377.